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We aim to design materials that are effective and positively challenge learners; testing their knowledge and skills in reading, writing, and grammar to help improve their accuracy in English. 
Materials aim to use up to date information and relevant examples for learners to understand, whilst using the framework of international English language examinations.
By becoming a member, you receive free access to exclusive materials to use in your home, school, or online classroom. 
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We want to continue making effective resources for learners and teachers and in order to do that, we need your support. 
More than 30,000 teachers have accessed and utilized our resources in their classrooms globally. 
If you are able to, we kindly ask that you make a donation to Octo English so we can continue with our mission to support English language learning around the world.
A portion of the proceeds will be sent to charitable organizations aiming to support children and their families with education, resources, and even school uniform. 

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